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Love Is Eternal


She will be eternaly gratefull when you give her this stunning Eternity Ring for your Anniversary.  Choose from Platinum, 14-Karat White or Yellow Gold.

1/2 Carat Diamonds in Platinum    $ CALL

1/2 Carat Diamonds in 18-Karat White or Yellow    $ CALL

1/2 Carat Diamonds in 14-Karat White or Yellow   $ CALL

MAX3O74-86CEW is a 14-Karat White Gold 8MM Wide Wedding Band.  We can customize our design to your specifications so your Wedding Ring will be one of a kind, Wider, Narrower, Platinum, 18-Karat White or Yellow.     Call for a price quote with your specifications, including your finger size.  For Example:  with the gold Market at $1100.00 per ounce this ring in 14-Karat White Gold Size 10 would be $ CALL     


NQP124-6GPCX is a 14-Karat White Gold 6MM Wedding Band with a Satin Finish in the Middle.  The middle could also be Hammered or High Polished, Casted Wider, Narrower, Platinum, Paladium, of one of 5 different Golds.  This ring in 14-Karat White as you see it in a size 10 is $ CALL